Daniel Chow – ‘Dancing the Erotic Muse’ – Opening night – Friday 3rd February – 6:30pm. 


Tetch Gallery is back to kick off 2017 with our first exhibition for the year showcasing the photographic phenomenon that is Daniel Chow.
An emerging Sydney artist, Daniel’s body of work posesses a sensual subtlety that demands a first-hand experience.

Side-stepping the blatant and tacky approaches that inundate the erotic art genre, these works wear thier fetish element as naturally as a draped scarf, yet trade none of their erotic charge to maintain such potent subtlety.

A must see for fans of the styles of Man Ray, Uwe Kempen, Helmut Newton, and Australian photo-luminaries Robert Coppa and Peter Coulson.

Opening night – Friday 3rd Feb 6.30 – 9pm
Exhibition runs from the 3rd to the 11th of February 2017


2016 Exhibitions

Tetch Christmas Group Show – Opening night drinks w/ the artists – Wed 7th December – 6pm – 8:30pm. 


Tetch Gallery invites you to our Christmas Group Exhibition opening night drinks with the artists. Please come and celebrate with us and the artists our last show of 2016, and enjoy the incredible talent displayed ranging from photography to landscape to abstract and mixed media. Refreshments will be provided.

Exhibiting Artists:

David Kurzydlo
Jonathan Hardy
Jason Redhead
Karen Reditch
Chico Cristobal
Sheila Tan
Laura re
Daniel Chow
Janet Piper
Judith Harvey


November Show: ‘Abstract Domestique’ – an exhibition by Phil Stallard


Painted almost entirely in his home kitchen over 2015/16, Phil Stallard has left no drawer un-checked in his quest for the unconventional painting utensils and methods revealed in his first show here at Tetch. A Sydney/Melbourne exhibiting veteran, he came to us looking to keep a low artistic profile – which seems a futile task given the vibrant nature of his work.

With a decidedly Rothko colour palette, Phil has taken to these canvases with the gusto of an action painter, then laced certain sections with subtle hints of Whiteley and Basquiat free-form drawing – even working in a little Warhol as evidenced by the spots of Letraset transfer on various works.

It’s a varied and intriguing mix of influences re-configured through the unique perspective of the Stallard lens.

Jonathan – Director/Curator at Tetch

To view the exhibition on our line, please click on to our ‘Showroom’ Page.


Pursuit of Paradise – Edwina Brennan – Solo Exhibition


Edwina Brennan is a Sydney-based artist who is best known for her acrylic landscapes that showcase the atmospheric effects of light and colour, as seen in her 2013 exhibition,
‘Moments in Time’.

Her latest solo show, ‘Pursuit of Paradise’ features similar landscapes as well as dynamic explorations of flora and fauna. Complementing her botanical illustrations are a series of vibrant watercolour birds, each one displaying its own individual personality.
Further investigating the themes of light and colour are a set of abstract, mixed-media paintings.

Edwina completed a Bachelor of Art Education at the College of Fine Arts in 2006 and has been teaching for art for over a decade. She aims to capture an eclectic snapshot of places, creatures and colours that excite and entertain her audience.


Unlock Your Perspective – Winona Druhan & Niall Gayle


Tetch Gallery invites you to join us in celebrating two of Sydney’s emerging illustration artists exhibition – Unlock Your Perspective.

Official openings: Wednesday, 26th October 6-9pm – Official Opening and artist Talk

Friday, 28th October 6-9pm – Drinks with the artists and live DJ!

Artists Winona Druhan and Nial Gayle showcase their illustration work in a daring collaborative debut show.

Comprised solely of ink on paper, these two artists exhibit their hand drawn works that hybridize various sources of symbolism across ancient cultures. Each of their personal styles work harmoniously to express a unique perspective on this cultural symbolism as well as its links with Hermetic and Alchemic wisdom.


On the Wednesday night Nial and Winona will being doing an artists talk and Q&A about their art and what has inspired it.  Through illustration they reveal their interpretation of goddess mythology, alchemy and symbology in both ancient and modern times. By incorporating various ink styles inspired by tattoo, vintage illustration, symbols and abstract pattern work they manifest a unique perspective on the ideas of self-transformation.


On the Friday night as well as a brief  talk and explanation of their artworks ,  Nial and winona will be accompanied by the musical talents of Narin Gayle aka Steez  an upcoming artist to the Sydney music scene. His style is a fusion of all music , stemming from the rhythm of his Jamaican roots and through electronic music he creates a new sound and genre focusing on being in the present moment. His music is an expression of thoughts, raw emotion and the power of the now, with a vibe that resonates love and positivity.

October Artists

Peter Keshan Solo Exhibition –  ‘K.V Thought Lines’  

From the 7th – 24th of October



Kangaroo Valley artist Peter Keshan will be exhibiting at Tetch with a variety of styled works inspired by his interactions with the area over most of his life.

Possessing a distinctly antipodean painting style that echoes such Australian art luminaries as Albert Tucker and John Brack, Peter picks his colour palette straight from the natural hues that characterise the Valley bush elements and beyond.

Opening night: Friday 7th of October 6.00 – 8.30pm.

All are welcome.


Chico Cristobal  ‘Geometricity’ Solo Exhibition

Exhibition runs from 19th September to 24th September.


Tetch Gallery invites you all to attend the opening night drinks for Sydney Fringe Festival Artist- Chico Cristobal’s exhibition “Circulation Series”.Wednesday 21st October 6pm-8pm


“A strangeness hidden within the familiar and a familiarity hidden within the strange”

Immerse yourself in a unique artistic experience courtesy of Chico Cristobal’s engaging geometric paintings that explore the cycles of life and mystery of the creative soul. These works emit an almost hypnotic energy, inspiring a reverence usually reserved for religious art. Don’t miss it.

Read what artist Chico Cristobal has to say:

I developed a non-objective style of abstract painting where I explore the elements of art–lines, shapes, space, colours, and the aesthetics of the common and the ordinary. I play with the juxtaposition of geometry and the idea of the golden ratio and true beauty. Art is usually about self-expression because as an artist, it is about trying to put it into a form that we, and others, can come to terms with. Just like a poet, musician, actor, and visual artist, all have a desire to express what one feels and create something of great value. There is that universal desire to connect with other people in some way; to tell them about oneself.
One of the functions of an artist is to make a statement of some kind. With that in mind, I use my art to communicate an idea, an emotion, or a purpose. This product of my self-expression can help others because there will always be people who feel the same way but they cannot express it themselves. I’d like these people to identify with me and draw encouragement, purpose, and excitement about what is being expressed. I enjoy the process. It’s fun making things, the fun of mixing colours on the palette, applying paint to a canvas, passing the hours in a studio with my favourite music playing. The important subject of my paintings are the expression, and the sincerity of my soul thinking that I am a human being just like any other human being on earth, but that I came to this world to give something that I think can be everlasting.

Go to http://www.tetchgallery.com.au/shop/ to view the ‘Geometricity’ exhibition series. 

‘Neighbours’ Local History Exhibition – September 3rd – 10th

Pop in and peruse our local history bounty of amazing maps, anecdotes and

images of historic times.


On the way:

Bravochild ‘Alternate Reality Game’ in conjunction with Sydney Fringe

11th – 18th September

Chico Cristobal – ‘Circulation Series’ exhibition –  September 19th – 24th

Jonathan Hardy (Tetch director/curator) – Artist Talk ‘What do angle grinders

and household doors  have to do with art?’

10am – 3pm artist showcase/3 – 5pm: talk and drinks with the artist

Tetch Gallery Fringe Festival Group show – September 26th – 1st October


Previous events:

Stephen Helman – Capturing Sydney’s botanical wonders – August 3rd – 21st

Jesse Penfold – The roving photographic, July 1st – 21st

Hulya Coleman – Geometric hard-edge explorations in oils, June 3rd – 24th

Jonathan Hardy – Tetch opening show, March 12th – 2nd April 2016