Hulya Coleman Solo Exhibition Opening Night “Someday we’ll find it..”


Hulya Coleman is an emerging Sydney artist whose mathematical and philosophically inspired work has been described as mesmerising and reflective. Coleman, who is self-taught, has been influenced by the artistic principles of sacred geometry, futurism, abstract expressionism, traditional Turkish art and most importantly geometric hard edge. These influences are evident in her process.

“I find that painting is a meditative process. In the choice of colours, shapes and structure, I am very deliberate and methodical. Once I have created the bones of the piece, I find the piece builds itself, based on how I am feeling and the emotion I wish to elicit in the viewer. I believe that art should be both universal and personal.”

Having worked on commissions over the last five years, Coleman has built a body of work that has defined her unique style. Her first solo exhibition “Someday we’ll find it..”.
is influenced by the works of Italian abstraction artist, Eugenio Carmi (who sadly passed away during the creation of the collection). The inspiration for the exhibition is best summed up in the artist’s own words.

“As a small child, with a different cultural background in 80’s Australia, I often felt lost and excluded. One of the few cultural references that resonated with me was Jim Henson’s iconic Rainbow Connection, the idea of living one’s dreams. It really opened my eyes to the beauty and potential of life. As an adult, I feel that this idea has, even more, relevance. On a daily basis, we focus on the grind, on the predetermined journey, only to briefly catch a glimpse of the beauty, the purpose and the meaning.

Coleman’s hope is that the pieces elicit a feeling of hope.

“I want the viewers to discover the beauty and colour from within the daily grey. We must make our own path, forge a connection with the world around us and embrace our most vivid and wondrous dreams”.