Jonathan Hardy- Solo Exhibition


Jonathan Hardy – Bio
As well as his qualifications and experience in visual arts from an early age, Jonathan has an industrial background and works during the day as a Fitter Machinist. He came up with the concept of his art by being immersed in the industrial environment, by recognising an ascetic by-product from industrial working practices. Given his heavy use of the angle grinder in his day to day job, he started to visualize it as an artistic tool, and soon realised he had the artistic ability and a steady hand to draw with the grinder, as he would use a pencil. Experimenting on canvas boards, Jonathan soon moved to Masonite/household doors which is the foundation now to all his major art works. With use of industrial pants, grease and household products such as Vaseline, he now works the wood with the angle grinder creating figurative and abstract pieces, which he has now been exhibiting throughout Sydney and Newcastle for various years.